LifeCare Program

LifeCare Program Focus

The LifeCare programs focuses on providing a range of aide to  individuals and families that helps manage everyday crisis and whole  life success. 

  • Helping restore living quality for families who have been victims of fire
  • Senior care advocacy and programs
  • Community outreach
  • Providing for basic human needs
  • Acting as a referral center for those in crisis and transition

Annual Toy & Food Drive for Christmas

Each year our volunteers work tirelessly to provide food, toys, clothing and love to struggling families during the holidays. 

2017 Christmas for Kids Community Event. 

  • 179 Families Served
  • 759 Toys
  • 150 Hot Meals
  • 15 Bikes

Thanks to ALL of our partners and volunteers for making  Christmas amazing for so many families in need. Thanks to all of our  sponsors for donations. See our pictures and videos below. 

Annual Back-to-School Drive

Each year families face the challenge of financing the transition back to school. Our CDC helps offset that cost with hundreds of backpacks, a food drive, and thousands of school supplies. We supply enough food for a family of 4 to last a week. This annual event incorporates the community, city officials, school counselors and more for a healthy transition back to school. 

See our pictures and videos below. 

Christmas for Kids Video

Back to School Benefit Video

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